At the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce of Minnesota, we 

build and encourage business relationships between Israel and Minnesota. 

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Doing Business in Israel

Harlan Jacobs, Acting Executive Director, American-Israel Chamber of Commerce of Minnesota

Upcoming Events:
Minnesota Water Technology Export Roundtable:  WATEC And Israel’s Water Sector

Tuesday, August 11
11 am - 1 pm 
 WATEC Israel is an international exhibition and conference on water technologies and environmental control to be held in Tel Aviv, Israel on October 13-15, 2015. Learn how the WATEC Israel conference could open doors for you and your company, and to hear about Israel’s cutting edge water technology sector at a luncheon and roundtable discussion.  Complete details and registration HERE


"Israel represents the highest concentration of innovation and entrepreneurship in the world today: the most start-ups per capita; the highest percentage of GDP invested in civilian R&D; more companies on NASDAQ than all of Europe, Korea, Japan, India, and China combined; and the biggest destination for global venture capital per capita. Israel raises 2.5 times as much global venture capital as the U.S., 30 times more than Europe, 80 times more than India, and 350 times more than China — and these numbers are from 2008, when the world was in the midst of an economic meltdown."   Dan Senor 

Stratasys - A Minnesota/Israel Success Story

Dr. Stephen Oesterle - Doing Business in Israel

Dr. Stephen Oesterle delivered a compelling presentation to the members of the Chamber in October, 2011 about the reasons that Medtronic regularly goes to Israel to look for new technologies to enhance its business prospects. This 40 minute YouTube™ video is a 'must watch' for anyone considering doing business in Israel. The first five minutes provides the thematic thrust of his remarks in a most convincing fashion, while the balance of the video provides layers upon layers of support for his views.










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